Quantify Technology (ASX: QFY) is up 25 per cent this morning after a third West Australian smart home provider signed on as a distributor.

Intelligent Home Technology Centre has joined Powerhouse Home Automation and Limitless Automation as a distribution partner. Quantify shares jumped 25 per cent on this morning’s news.

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Intelligent Home has been around 19 years and has completed over 50,000 installations in Perth. It works with 8 of the 10 largest builders in Australia.

Quantify’s signature device is qDevice which is an alternative to traditional light switches. It not only operates them “intelligently” but also does energy management and reporting. The device’s modular and innovative design allows changes to be made quickly and easily.

Intelligent Home said Quantify’s solutions fitted Intelligent Home “perfectly” as it aspires to provide the best customer service and flexibility for its customers to expand or reconfigure systems without having to rewire their homes.

“We wanted to partner with Quantify because they offer world-leading smart home automation technology,” said Intelligent Home director Brenton Morris.

“We also see it as being highly applicable to the NDIS and Aged Care markets.”

Quantify CEO Brett Savill also welcomed the deal.

“This is part of our strategy to sign up leading distributors on a national basis,” he said.

The smart homes market is a $1.8 billion market and growing at 30 per cent per annum. The company said it expected more distribution agreements shortly.


In other ASX small cap tech news today…

Vonex (ASX: VN8) has jumped 10 per cent after announcing it had reached 31,000 Private Branch Exchange daily users. The SME-targeting telco also reported 400 new orders since June and reminded shareholders its partnership with Qantas Business Rewards is live now. Vonex boss Matt Fahey declared: “In the 10 years since Vonex’s foundation, we’ve made a major mark on the Australian telecommunications industry.”

“We’ve created award-winning cloud-based technologies to help businesses save on their bottom-line, while helping them communicate reliably, securely and flexibly in a way that helps them grow.”
Sports analytics play Catapult Group (ASX: CAT) also announced a milestone this morning. Up to 1,000 North American teams now use its products. This includes 29 or 32 NFL teams and all 31 NHL teams.

Who makes up the remainder of its clients? Well, a significant proportion of them are college sports teams with university sport being far larger over there.

Catapult chairman Adir Shiffman said Catapult “is one of very few Australia technology companies to have achieved industry-leading success in North America.”

“We are grateful to all our partners for placing their trust in our technology and are committed to driving our strong innovation pipeline for the benefit of our clients globally.”