The deal with Aiden Hotel shows the massive potential for ClariqAir’s technology, as businesses become more aware of particles and pathogens.

As Sydney records dozens of new cases of COVID-19, the government and business sector are scrambling to find the best way to protect citizens and customers.

Commercial and public indoor areas are rightly demanding direction and solutions, especially in locations where the coronavirus is believed to spread easier through a building’s HVAC system.

Independent studies confirm that millions of airborne particles from an infected person can move throughout an entire room or indoor space, and remain active for hours.

This fact has prompted one of Sydney’s better known hotel chains, Aiden by Best Western, located at Darling Harbour, to install the company’s Hybrid Ionic Generator Technology (HIGT) into the hotel’s HVAC air conditioning system.

Aiden Hotel’s owner, Nicolas Chen of IHHL Pty Ltd, requested the ClariqAir Hydroxyl generator system, saying: “essentially, we will be installing ClariqAir’s UV bulbs into our primary outside air supply vents to produce Hydroxyls.”

“Hydroxyls occur naturally in the atmosphere, in a process that ClariqAir has replicated to generate enough Hydroxyls to disperse throughout the hotel guestrooms and common areas,” Mr Chen said.

“Hydroxyls have the potential to neutralise Coronavirus particles, volatile organic compounds, and odours,” he added.


What’s the Hydroxyl technology?

Hydroxyl technology is not new. It has been employed for fire, flood, chemical, and biological clean-up and decontamination in Australia for more than five years.

It was originally pioneered by NASA for use in space shuttles and in the International Space Station. The technology pioneered by NASA generates Hydroxyl particles, which essentially modifies water molecules that occur naturally in nature and disburses them into the air supply.

ClariqAir has an advanced patented technology which generates Hydroxyls in an indoor environment, which ‘cleanses’ the air.

The technology is not just tackling coronaviruses, it is also combating diseases such as asthma, allergies, and other breathing disorders initiated by airborne particles.

According to scientific papers, humans typically inhale more than two tablespoons of bacteria and undesirable pathogens every day. Hydroxyl molecules can destroy these bacteria and virus particles by penetrating and neutralising their cell walls, thus eliminating biological and chemical contaminants.

As such, when international tourism volumes gradually ramp back up to capacity, ClariqAir’s technology can play a major role in ensuring hotel rooms in the age of COVID-19 and beyond are sanctuaries of cleanliness.


Potentially huge addressable market

The Aiden Hotel deal indicates the market potential for ClariqAir’s technology.

The global market for air purifiers is estimated to be worth US$7.5 billion per annum, and is expected to grow to US$17 billion by 2027.

ClariqAir said that the company is targeting commercial sectors, including medical, hospitality, commercial, and industrial; as well as the domestic sector for homes and apartments.

According to ClariqAir’s lead distributor, Fortress CEO, Zaid Latif, ClariqAir’s products are already in demand and that the demand will grow exponentially year on year.

“Now that governments, businesses, and people in general are critically aware of what a simple virus can do to disrupt their lives, businesses, and bottom line, they will be looking for cost effective technologies to help them combat the cost resulting from future outbreak of viruses and pathogens,” Mr Latif said.

“More importantly, corporations and those responsible for the health and safety of the public, are now more aware of their responsibilities to keep the public, patients, and vulnerable elderly people safe,” Mr Latif told Stockhead last month.

ClariqAir is currently gearing up for a capital raise, where it plans to raise $2 million in a pre-IPO round at 16c a share. For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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