Strategic Elements has been expanding its development work on Energy Ink, a battery that generates electrical energy from moisture in the air, and results are expected this quarter.

It is accepted that the imperative for more innovative, renewable energy creation and power sources will continue to grow.

Printed graphene-oxide-based cells that generate energy from airborne water molecules could potentially directly power a device, complement a battery by extending device life or providing energy for battery storage.

Strategic Element’s (ASX:SOR) Energy Ink battery is still in development and the fundamental upper limit of aspects such as maximum power output, duration and energy density remains unknown.

Multiple avenues to increase performance

But the company is continuing to identify multiple avenues that increase performance.

SOR is looking into the potential R&D pathway for larger larger-scale systems through Energy Ink packs with multiple cells or significantly larger cell sizes.

Results are expected later this quarter.

Skin Patch devices

Thanks to a recent demonstration that compared the power output of an Energy Ink battery to the baseline power consumed by a leading glucose-monitoring skin patch, it has been proven the extremely thin Energy Ink battery can generate over 200% more power than required.

SOR says millions of people worldwide use these types of devices to reduce the frequency of daily finger prick blood glucose checks and better manage glucose levels.

“With the use of these devices expected to surge globally, the clear goal for manufacturers is to make devices as inconspicuous as possible, provide more advanced sensing, keep costs low, and be friendlier to the environment,” SOR explains.

Due to the value being unlocked through load simulators and power management, the team is expanding on this work with the goal of further significant increases in the performance of the Energy Ink.

Results on this are also expected later this quarter.




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