Seasoned financial advisor, investment manager and corporate director Dr Nigel Finch is back in the radio booth for another instalment of The StockDoc Podcast.

This week, the good doctor sits down with Haggai Alon, founder and chief executive of Security Matters (ASX:SMX).

Security Matters is a brand protection, supply chain integrity and blockchain technology company that recently listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, becoming the 18th Israeli-based company to do so.

Its technology is known as “The Intelligence of Things,” which is a comprehensive ecosystem of track and trace and supply chain integrity and quality assurance solutions that can be used for raw materials and end products.

The technology comprises of a chemical-based hidden “barcode” system with a “reader” to identify these codes, and a blockchain record to store and protect the ownership of data.

Security Matters made headlines in late January with news of it reaching its key Q4 milestones.

Click below to hear more about SMX, the company’s progress in 2020 and plans for the year ahead

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