Seasoned financial advisor, investment manager and corporate director Dr Nigel Finch is back in the radio booth for another instalment of The StockDoc Podcast.

This week, the good doctor sits down with Rob Broomfield, CEO of Ava Risk Group (ASX:AVA).

Ava is a market leader in risk management services and technologies.

The company’s client base is made up of a wide variety of security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government organisations.

Ava’s offering features a range of solutions including intrusion detection and location for perimeters, pipelines and data networks, biometrics, card access control and locking as well as secure international logistics, storage of high value assets and risk consultancy services.

The company made headlines on Stockhead in December last year with news that it has secured additional orders for its perimeter-defence technology.

Click below to hear more about Ava’s work in the risk management space.

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