Spectur is working on high-tech security cameras that can identify faces, number plates and other objects.

The maker of cloud-based security systems today said it was integrating artificial intelligence into its cameras.

“As time goes on we will have the ability to set specific triggers for alarms,” managing director Peter Holton told the market on Monday.

“At first, we will be able to discern people and vehicles, but ultimately, we will manage to distinguish between specific people and specific vehicles.”

Shares in the company (ASX:SP3) were trading up 6 per cent in mid-morning trade at 36c.

Spectur plans to roll out the AI technology across its suite of remotely monitored solar-powered cameras following the completion of trials over the next two months.

Spectur (SP3) shares over the past six months.
Spectur (ASX:SP3) shares over the past six months.


This latest tech update comes after the company successfully completed its thermal surveillance system earlier this year.

Testing showed the system could detect intruders up to 300m away in complete darkness — and as far away as a kilometre.

The system — designed to protect large, remote perimeters — costs less than traditional solutions because the devices don’t require connections to mains power, communications networks or light sources.

Last month’s quarterly showed the company had surpassed its 2017 revenue in just the third quarter — with $1.7 million year to date.

The company deployed 89 rental cameras in the March quarter and had $4.3 million left in the bank at the end of the period.