Special Report: The tech breakthrough is the result of 10 years of research at the CSIRO’s innovation lab, Data61.

Innovative research company Strategic Elements (ASX:SOR) has caught the market’s attention this year with the development of its autonomous security vehicle (ASV) technology.

And this morning SOR’s fully-owned subsidiary, Stealth Technologies, announced it has licensed a new tech platform that allows robots to work together in teams.

Wildcat SLAM

Known as Wildcat SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), the technology leverages more than 10 years of research at Data61 — the digital specialist arm of the CSIRO.

Having licensed the technology, Stealth will work with Data61 under an Early Adopters Program to integrate it into its own commercial product suite.

Developing the SLAM technology will give Stealth a first-mover advantage in the deployment of robot teams.

As part of an effective monitoring system, robots need the capability to operate reliably in unpredictable environments – often without the use of satellite monitoring such as GPS.

In that context, SLAM fills a key gap in the market.

And the technology recently won the most accurate object-detection prize at the DARPA robotics challenge, a global competition funded by the US Department of Defense.

The CSIRO’s global reputation in the field goes all the way back to 2008, when it first began working on 3D LiDAR-based SLAM solutions.

SOR managing director Charles Murphy said the technology has the potential to be a “game-changer” for Stealth to monetise its market-leading autonomous robotics platform.

Recent research shows the global data perimeter security market is big business, expected to grow steadily over the next five years to reach almost $US300bn in size by 2025.

Amid that growth, companies in the space will need to demonstrate unique capabilities in autonomous security, such as multiple ground-based vehicles working together or a combination of autonomous ground and air patrol.

Stealth has already established itself as a tech leader in the space, with the commercial development of its ASV with global engineering firm Honeywell.

“Wildcat fits directly with the technology roadmap we are developing for our next generation Autonomous Security Solutions, using teams of robots for enhanced patrol and surveillance capabilities,” Murphy said.

The Early Adopter Program with Data61 will run for 12 months, during which time Stealth will incorporate SLAM into its R&D activities to build out additional commercial solutions.

The CSIRO will be on hand to provide basic integration support. At the conclusion of the EAP, “the parties may choose to transition this arrangement to a full commercial license”, SOR said.

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