As the world scales up on climate action, Aussie sustainable solutions company Simble Solutions (ASX:SIS) is partnering with Origin Energy to help its commercial and industrial customers move to net zero emissions. 

SIS has inked a one-year deal with a two-year option agreement with energy heavyweight Origin Energy (ASX:ORG) to provide its SimbleSense solution.

The SimbleSense platform will be offered by Origin Zero, a business unit of ORG providing energy solutions and services to their large business customers, including helping to decarbonise their energy supply.

Listing on the ASX in 2018, SIS’s industry-leading software products enable net zero carbon reporting, energy monitoring and intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, together with energy efficiency and carbon reduction consulting services.

The company operates two product platform divisions, SimbleSense and CarbonView.

SIS chief revenue officer Fadi Geha told Stockhead the purpose of the SimbleSense platform is to help these business customers understand in more detail how and where they use their energy.

“Through our platform, we provide customers with the energy insights and data to better inform their decision making  as they embark on energy saving, reduction or efficiency projects.  They can justify a business case to a CFO using data and insights that just as easy to understand by a finance person as they are by an energy person,” he said.

CarbonView is an enterprise grade carbon and sustainability reporting platform enabling companies to measure and report their carbon emissions across the supply chain. As companies face up to the challenges of carbon disclosure including the setting of carbon reduction or net zero targets, the need for streamlined data capture and reporting systems is coming into focus.

Helping customers reduce energy usage

Origin Zero brings together all of ORG’s expertise, technology, and resources to help make the transition to lower carbon energy solutions easier for businesses.

Under the ORG deal, Origin Zero will make a version of the SimbleSense platform available to its significant number of large business customers.

Customers will be able to use the platform to:

  • Monitor their behind-the-meter energy usage at a device or circuit level
  • Access a breakdown of their energy consumption in real time
  • Identify trends and potential savings opportunities
  • Assist in the measurement and verification of energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects.

“At the moment an energy bill for a large business customer may show they’ve spent $10,000 this month or in some cases $100,000,” Geha said.

“But customers will be none the wiser as to how and what they’ve spent it on, pumps, compressors, production lines, warehousing capacity, aircon etc.

“What Origin wants to do is to proactively work with their customers and help them with their transition to net zero. One of the first steps is to engage them on the energy usage front by providing them with the ability to see a breakdown of where their energy usage and associated costs are going so they can decide where the low-hanging fruit is for their energy efficiency projects.”

White label products part of SIS’s growth

Geha said the company has signed partnership deals with energy brokers, LED lighting companies and energy consulting companies who white-label SimbleSense to market as part of their offering.

“How they commercialise our technology is up to them, whether they incorporate it into an existing service or provide it as a new value added service. We provide the tech that enables our partners to have the engagement and the conversation with their customers, and prove the value of energy efficiency and energy savings projects”, he said.

Geha said SIS is linked to the growth of these partners and customers as they sign up more of their customers. He said the company has found it is also gaining traction in Europe and the UK as energy costs rise substantially.

“‘Energy security’ is the term being used in the UK,” he said.

“The European issues and war in Ukraine has resulted in an energy crisis in the UK, where large industrial and manufacturing companies are now spending up to six times more on their electricity and gas than they were this time last year,” he said.

“This is what they are having to cope with and so our solution is getting embedded into organisations to help them understand their energy usage and reduce it.”

Added to the above is the significant opportunity ahead for Simble, as more companies analyse and reduce their energy usage via SimbleSense and then use that data to feed into their carbon reporting obligations using CarbonView.

Validation of SIS’s leading energy monitoring tech

Geha said the deal with ORG, one of Australia’s largest energy providers, is further validation of the company’s leading energy management technology.

“Our arrangement with Origin Zero further builds on the success of our sales channel strategy,” he said.

“This approach opens access to a substantial customer base, and we are confident that this strategic agreement will drive strong sales and engagement for both companies.”

Sales training with Origin is due to start in March 2023, enabling Origin Zero’s sales personnel to offer the capability as part of their broader range of customer solutions.

This article was developed in collaboration with Simble Solutions, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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