Altech Batteries have announced that two prototypes of the 60 KWh (ABS60) battery pack are currently being produced and fabricated at the Fraunhofer IKTS facility in Hermsdorf, Germany.

In September last year, the company announced the joint venture agreement with Fraunhofer IKTS, a world-leading German battery institute, to commercialise the CERENERGY Sodium Chloride Solid State (SCSS) Battery, which is a game-changing alternative to lithium-ion batteries in the grid storage market.

Designed for a lifespan of more than 15 years, the batteries are fire and explosion-proof, and can operate in extreme cold and desert climates, plus the technology uses table salt and is free of lithium, cobalt, graphite, and copper, thus eliminating exposure to critical metal price rises and supply chain concerns.

This battery pack under production boasts a rated operating voltage of 600 volts at 100 amp (A), and once completed, will undergo cycling testing under extreme conditions, and will be available for testing at customer premises.


Final design turnaround in record time

Following the launch of the battery design last year, the joint venture carried out extensive cycling simulations to evaluate the temperature profile of the internal components of the battery.

And now, the prototypes are under production, with Altech Batteries (ASX:ATC) MD Iggy Tan very pleased with the fast turnaround.

“We have built a dynamic and fast moving project team incorporating personnel from Altech, Fraunhofer and various leading German engineering companies and industrial contractors,” he said.

“The advancements made on the final designs of the 60 KWh Battery Pack in such a short time frame are outstanding.”


Altech ASX ATC
The stackable 1MWh GridPacks. Pic: Supplied (ATC)


Stackable plug-n-play GridPacks

In March, Altech launched the design for its 1.0 MWh GridPack (ABS1000) battery system, which is equipped with up to 18 ABS60 60 KWh battery packs connected to a pack power management system.

These GridPacks are designed with the “plug and play” feature to ensure that they can be easily installed in remote locations, and they have been engineered to ensure complete protection from both dust and any external environments in any weather conditions.

Plus, they will be constructed using a sea container design, which facilitates their easy transportation by sea or road to the installation site, as well as ensuring simple installation.

But the main feature is that the GridPack can be stacked on top of each other, minimising the battery footprint, and permitting easy scalability to meet any energy storage requirements.




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