It might not be the biggest name on the stand, but drug delivery company OBJ is pretty chuffed that its skincare technology is being showcased at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

OBJ (ASX:OBJ) has developed personalised skincare technology in conjunction with Procter & Gamble’s iconic Olay brand, which is showcasing the tech at CES.

It is the company’s second technology platform, and “combines smartphone skin analysis software and new wand tracking technology to determine the optimum skincare treatment for an individual, and thus instruct an applicator to deliver highly personalised skincare treatments to the precise needs of individual consumers”.

According to Engadget, which wrote about the Olay wand’s appearance at CES, “the product may contain a mix of niacinamide, peptides and tone-perfecting ingredients. The wand will be used to push different elements of that combination into your skin depending on what needs fixing. So if there are winkle lines on your forehead, the wand will push in peptides, while niacinamide is more useful to close visible pores”.

So, essentially, a consumer can scan their face with the analysis software and then apply makeup or skincare products via the wand, which will deliver the goods into one’s skin in targeted, health-conscious ways.

OBJ chief Jeffrey Edwards told investors about the thrill of showcasing at CES.

“Showcasing our technologies alongside P&G at such a prestigious expo is a great honour and a very public demonstration of the strong technical and working relationship that exists between our two companies,” he said.

It didn’t move the needle however, with OBJ shares flat at 2.1c.