Nvoi says there has been an increase in the number of jobs posted by each newly registered corporate on its recruitment platform, which it sees as an encouraging sign for 2018.

Previously, about one in two new sign-ups posted jobs.

Now each corporate sign-up is posting multiple roles, which confirms that those who are starting to use the platform continue to do so in volume.

Nvoi (ASX:NVO) operates a workforce-as-a-service platform that directly connects employers and skilled professionals, eliminating the friction points in contract workforce management.

It has refocused from small-to-medium businesses to enterprise customers which have greater hiring demands, accelerating its ability to drive volume and market share.

“The way in which people want to work is changing, and companies are beginning to realise the need to offer candidates more flexible options,” Nvoi said.

“Candidates are seeking a variety of roles, often on a project basis, to enable them to use and gain a variety of expertise and most of all to give them a better work-life balance.”

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Year of growth

Nvoi only needs 775 contractors working on a full-time basis over a 12- month period to break even.

It says it already has strong early signs of volume growth and will achieve cash-flow breakeven ahead of operational breakeven.

Nvoi chief Jennifer Maritz.

To date, Nvoi has placed over 60 candidates into contract positions, with the average length of employment in any one role about three months.

“Nvoi is well positioned for a year of value creation as we focus on the four key pillars of our growth strategy,” said CEO Jennifer Maritz.

“The new enterprise platform will open up new revenue opportunities within enterprise and a significant opportunity remains in the SME market for Nvoi to remove the burden of hiring and managing contract workers.

“We have been encouraged by the progress and engagement on the platform so far in 2018 and I am looking forward to the launch of our new branding and providing further details on our new enterprise platform in the coming weeks.”

Nvoi has four pillars in its 2018 growth strategy.

It plans to  continue to improve its technology by launching its enterprise platform that includes a built-in dashboard to provide additional insights to help with budgeting and managing a contract workforce.

It wants to broaden partnerships with industry heavy-weights to create access to a wide network of professionals and corporates.

It’s launching a fresh brand and digital marketing campaign to grow the corporate client base.

And Nvoi plans to deploy a ‘candidate care’ program to improve user experience and engage and retain talent.


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