Special report: Nano-satellite maker Sky and Space Global has inked another deal as it moves closer toward enabling a cost-effective, global communications network.

Sky and Space (ASX:SAS) announced today it had signed an agreement with Foundation Busie Suriname — an Internet Service Provider in Suriname.

Suriname is on the north eastern coast of South America.

This follows a slew of deals in recent weeks including an agreement with Cendrawasih Teknologi Nusantara to provide nano-satellite communication services in Indonesia.

Sky and Space has also announcement plans to work with a rocket company that exclusively operates China’s space program and an agreement incorporate its IoT and communication services into Chinese satellite communications provider Commsat’s network.

This agreement announced today is the first of its kind within the wider Caribbean region.

Foundation Busie Suriname was granted its ISP licence in 2016 and provides services to individuals and businesses in rural Suriname, where internet connectivity can be unreliable and expensive.

The agreement aligns with Sky and Space Global’s goal to use its nanosatellite technology to enable a low-cost communications solution for some of the most remote places on earth.

The company plans to launch 200 nano satellites in total and place them in a carefully-selected orbit giving equatorial coverage of the Earth, creating a global communication network for voice, data and instant messaging.

Sky and Space CEO Meir Moalem says the agreement further validates the capabilities of the network and says he hopes it will be the beginning of broader discussions to bring connectivity services to the country.

“We continue to explore and build our relationships within the South American region and I’m confident we will be able to secure many more agreements of this kind in the coming years.”

This special report is brought to you by Sky and Space Global.

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