• Nanoveu has now booked >$250,000 of orders for its antiviral film layer.
  • The layer can be applied across multiple applications, such as smartphones and touchscreens.
  • Sales follow efforts to build distribution partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tech company Nanoveu Ltd (ASX:NVU) is getting runs on the board with sales into the Asia-Pacific for its antiviral surface applicant.

The company announced a $70,000 order for the product’s maiden shipment into Vietnam, along with a shopping mall in Singapore and a Malaysian vehicle accessories distributor.

NVU said the deal pipeline will generate combined revenues of more than $250k.

After losing in ground in September, shares in the company rose back to August levels with a gain of more than 40 per cent.

Lean and clean

Nanoveu said its technology has been proven as an effective eradicator of different viruses including OC43 — for which it demonstrated a 99.99 per cent elimination rate within 30 minutes.

OC43 is a strain of coronavirus (although it’s only a surrogate for COVID-19).

Back in May, NVU’s announcement that its treatment was effective against corona saw the stock briefly surge above 15c before falling back to 6c earlier this month (it’s at 8.2c this morning).

The company said its tech has also been effecting in eliminating including different viruses such as e.Coli, Influenza A (subtype H3N2) and MHV-A59 (another coronavirus surrogate).

In early June, NVU got the film accredited as a Class I Medical Device by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

NVU said the deal into Vietnam is for its antiviral smartphone cases through its distribution partner SmartEco.

The deal will mark its “first major sales order to focus on antiviral smartphone screen protectors”, the company said.

At Singapore’s Suntec City Mall, Nanoveu’s antiviral film has been applied to “74 TV screen and touchscreen services within the facility”.

And the order from vehicle accessory company Excelsia Technologies was made with the intention to apply NVU’s film to touchscreen in luxury car models, the company said.

The company also reiterated that it’s made three announcements to sign up different distribution partners since the end of June.

And it’s now exploring additional sales channels for its antiviral application, such as security trays at airport check-ins and vending/gaming machines.

Additionally, “pilot trials at hotel and restaurant chains are underway”, NVU said.

Nanoveu initially listed on the ASX with plans to drive distribution of its EyeFly3D product, a smartphone screen detector that converts 2D digital displays into 3D.

It’s since pivoted into antiviral protection and CEO Alfred Chong said NUV is now “continuing to make strides to build up its order book and list of distributors”.

“Nanoveu will continue to keep shareholders updated as it expands into new markets,” Chong said.