Nanollose has achieved another key milestone as it works to help the fashion world become more eco-friendly and develop fibres with minimal environmental impact.

Australia-based biomaterial technology company Nanollose (ASX:NC6) has secured its first patent in the US and the first specifically for its fibre technologies.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the patent application titled Methods for Producing a Viscose Dope from Microbial Cellulose.

NC6 said the patent covers the pulping of microbial cellulose for use in the production of viscose fibres.

While the company’s primary focus is currently on the development of its trade-marked, tree-free Nullarbor lyocell process, the US patent marks an important validation of its strategy to establish a broader leadership position in sustainable fibre technologies.

The US patent also expands NC6’s IP footprint across its product suite and provides protection from potential competitors in the world’s largest consumer market.

US patent marks important milestone

The successful application marks the NC6’s first granted patent in the US and third globally.

It is also the first relating specifically to the company’s fibre technologies with examination of this family of patents remaining ongoing in other jurisdictions.

NC6 entered a long-term development partnership for development of the Nullarbor lyocell process with Grasim industries in January 2020.

Grasim Industries is a subsidiary of the multinational Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla Group and parent company of Birla Cellulose. NC6 has also filed a joint patent application with Birla Cellulose.

A pilot scale spin with Grasim Industries was successfully completed in February 2022 with 260kg of Nullarbor-20 staple fibre produced.

Since the pilot spin, NC6 has entered several collaborations as it moves to get its Nullarbor fibres to market.

NC6 has also filed a joint patent with Birla Cellulose, titled A High Tenacity Regenerated Cellulosic Fibre was filed globally via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in January 2022.

NC6 has a strategy to establish formal patent protection across its intellectual property portfolio.

Validation of technology to drive eco-friendly fashion

Executive chairman Dr Wayne Best said he was pleased another patent had been granted for NC6’s suite of technologies, the first for its fibre technologies and the first in the US.

The company is continuing to receive positive feedback and strong demand from partner groups working with the Nullarbor-20 fibre, which aims to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact.

“As well as expanding our international IP portfolio, formal approval from the USPTO marks another validation of the company’s innovative technologies,” he said.

Best said with patent approval secured in the US for NC6’s microbial cellulose process for viscose, the company remains excited by its pending patent suite including the joint patent application filed with Birla Cellulose.

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