Got a spare tractor lying around? Perhaps an electric scissor lift? Or maybe you’re in need of a bobcat for a couple of hours?

New online marketplace Mobilise has you sorted.

Peer-to-peer pro Collaborate Corporation (ASX:CL8) this week launched as a kind of Airbnb for heavy equipment.

The site allows everyday equipment owners to rent out idle assets to individuals and businesses — putting the site in competition with outfits such as Kennards Hire.

In fact former Kennards Hire chief executive John Tolmie is a strategic advisor.

Collaborate market a number of other “share economy’ websites including and

Collaborate shares hit a record high of 4.9c on Wednesday and closed at 4.5c.

A Platform 1890 Spider Lift Knuckle can be yours for just $1000 a day.
Rent this Spider Lift from another punter on for just $1100 a day.

Mobilise will initially focus on the building and construction industry.

“Every day billions of dollars worth of assets remain under-utilised,” the company told investors this week.

“Owners must choose between either incurring the ongoing cost of ownership or selling the assets, potentially for a loss.

“Mobilise introduces a third option that generates revenue for the asset owners and justifies continuing ownership.”

Potential hirers are screened with Collaborate’s tested PeerPass platform which is also used to validate customer identity for caravan and car rental sites.

Collaborate (ASX:CL8) hit a record high after announcing new services. Source:

Mobilise was launched with the support of risk consultant Aon Australia.

Chief executive of Collaborate Chris Noone said the sharing economy had a wealth of potential.

“Through Mobilise we anticipate unlocking opportunities that can increase productivity and deliver growth to businesses and the economy as a whole,” he said.