While the share market has had a positive year so far, the majority of ASX-listed Kiwi small cap stocks have not shared the spoils.

Only seven out of these 27 stocks are higher than they were on January 1.

The biggest winner in 2019: hand sanitiser producer Zoonoo (ASX:ZNO) on the back of its most recent quarterly sales figures.

While the company only recorded $NZ420,553, which it admitted was “lower than expected”, it was nonetheless an improvement on the last quarter and it gained traction in several of its markets.

Following closely behind was Keytone Dairy (ASX:KTD). The dairy producer has enjoyed solid growth since its listing in July last year. It continues to launch new proprietary brands and new sales channels, including into China.

To meet this demand, the company is constructing a second manufacturing facility.

The biggest loser was PowerHouse Ventures (ASX:PVL). Having been as high as 80c two years ago, it has had much trouble since with the departure of several staff members and the failure of its investments to bear fruit.

Its most recently quarterly showed PowerHouse had only $NZ827,000 in the bank, yet it estimates it will have nearly $NZ3 million in cash outflow, more than two thirds of which will be in the form of debt repayments.

One of these investments was ag-tech CropLogic (ASC:CLI) which is down more than 7 per cent this year.

Despite reaching some strategic milestones, the stock has been significantly sold off since its last capital raising, which occurred in November at 1.5c per share — a significant discount to its share price at the time.

The next biggest loser was Adherium (ASX:ADR). The med-tech company, specialising in asthma solutions, is in the middle of a reorganisation to cut costs.

The only major news so far in 2019 was in the most recent quarterly, which confirmed the company’s predicament — it anticipated four times more cash outflow than revenue receipts in the last quarterly.

Investors have continued dumping the stock, which they have been doing since September 2018.

Another loser was software producer 9 Spokes (ASX:9SP), another company that has significantly fallen in two years, having been as high as 20c back in February 2017.

Investors have lacked patience with the slow momentum of 9 Spokes and lack of revenue growth.

9 Spokes has told investors it will do a capital raising and is only currently surviving off a short-term funding facility.

Here’s a list of ASX-listed companies with New Zealand connections, showing their performance so far in 2019: 

ASX Code Company Market Cap Price Feb 5 One-year Return Industry
ZNO ZOONO GROUP LTD $16.3m 0.09 0.282051 Health - Sanitiser
KTD KEYTONE DAIRY CORP LTD $65.2m 0.45 0.242857 Agriculture
SKO SERKO LTD $234.7m 2.92 0.115385 Technology
NTL NEW TALISMAN GOLD MINES LTD $28.1m 0.012 0.083333 Mining - Gold
SMP SMARTPAY HOLDINGS LTD $31.8m 0.185 0.027778 Technology
TWR TOWER LTD $236.1m 0.69 0.021898 Financial - insurance
NZM NZME LTD $92.1m 0.475 0.010753 Media
IKE IKEGPS GROUP LTD $52.5m 0.58 0 Technology - Software
OHE ORION HEALTH GROUP LTD $99.9m 1.1 0 Health
AFP AFT PHARMACEUTICALS LTD $192.1m 0.001 0 Health - Suspended since 7 September
TRA TURNERS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP LTD $256.3m 2.89 -0.003448 Consumers - Automotives
VHT VOLPARA HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES $195.5m 1.085 -0.009091 Technology - Health
GTK GENTRACK GROUP LTD $494.6m 4.81 -0.01875 Technology - Software
BRL BATHURST RESOURCES LTD $192.0m 0.125 -0.04 Mining
MPP METRO PERFORMANCE GLASS LTD $92.7m 0.5 -0.047619 Consumers - Glass
LCT LIVING CELL TECHNOLOGIES LTD $23.4m 0.041 -0.068182 Technology
CLI CROPLOGIC LTD $3.9m 0.013 -0.071429 Technology - Agriculture
EVO EVOLVE EDUCATION GROUP LTD $35.1m 0.24 -0.074074 Education
NZK NEW ZEALAND KING SALMON INVE $277.1m 2.02 -0.082569 Agriculture
NEU NEUREN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD $131.0m 1.26 -0.092857 Health
TOM TOMIZONE LTD $3.8m 0.009 -0.1 Communications
KMD KATHMANDU HOLDINGS LTD $524.7m 2.34 -0.104247 Consumers -Retailer
BPL BROKEN HILL PROSPECTING LTD $3.7m 0.025 -0.193548 Mining
9SP 9 SPOKES INTERNATIONAL LTD $6.4m 0.012 -0.235294 Technology
ADR ADHERIUM LTD $4.2m 0.024 -0.351351 Technology
PVL POWERHOUSE VENTURES LTD $2.0m 0.07 -0.416667 Technology - Investor
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