Indoor Skydive Australia Group is adding customer to its “frequent flyer” promotion group at pace.

It wil take a long time to get you that upgrade to the UK, but bronze will get you 10 per cent off merch.

The listed indoor skydive business (ASX:IDZ) told investors today it had added its 3000th frequent flyer member in Australia.

To reach bronze customers have to fly for at least an hour a year. Each ‘skydive’ drop is 50 seconds and costs up to $50.

Indoor Skydive Australia has sites in Penrith, Gold Coast and Perth, and is in a legal battle over another site in Kuala Lumpur.

SkyVenture International alleges that as part of a deal for Indoor Skydive to use its systems, the Australian company promised not to directly compete or use other suppliers.

It believes Indoor Skydive is allegedly allowing another supplier to encroach on its patch by using non-SkyVenture equipment to build a facility in Malaysia.

An arbitration hearing in scheduled for May in the US.