Security Matters’ world class, digital twin physical to digital technology enables its client the transformation from linear to circular production, unlocking value for ESG investors.

Security Matters (ASX:SMX) has confirmed its leadership role in the digitised circular economy sector after winning a key industry award earlier this month.

The company was awarded the 2021 Global Waste Management & Recycling Digitalization Technology Innovation Leadership Award by globally-respected reputable consulting company, Forrest and Sullivan, a testament to its breadth of activity in the recycling innovation space over the past 12 months.

A report from Forrest and Sullivan, has pointed to SMX’s achievements in building a scalable platform amid the shift to a global circular economy.

The report stated that SMX possesses clear operational advantages against competing technologies, underpinned by its three product life cycles that support the emerging equilibrium economy.

From virgin material to manufacturing, packaging, and end-of-life, SMX’s technology enables products to re-enter the economy for recycling or reuse.

The company’s solutions are used in diverse end-use sectors such as electronics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fashion, chemical, as well as precious metals and resources.

These solutions are at the forefront of providing track and trace technology, enabling customers to ensure quick identification, proof of authenticity, traceability of goods and recyclability.


From rubber to fashion

With SMX’s blockchain technology, companies are able to verify the origination of the natural rubber, certify it’s from an ethical source, and improve the transparency of the supply chain.

The technology leverages a hidden, chemical-based barcode system with a reader to identify these codes, and a blockchain record to store and protect the ownership of data.

The SMX technology could also be vital in reducing the litany of problems associated with the growing natural rubber production industry.

It’s arguably the first reliable technology to provide end-to-end transparency, and complete the supply chain integrity to increase trust and reduce liability.

The company also uses a  blockchain technology to provide an end-to-end solution from seed and plant for the reuse of fibre-based packaging.

It’s recently become a member of cross-industry alliance 4evergreen, an organisation committed to perfecting the circularity of global fibre-based packaging.

SMX’s technology helps companies provide proof of evidence of sustainable plantations, as well as assisting in the monitoring of their assets for insurance purposes.

A report in 2019 found fibre-based packaging represented 38% of all packaging brought to the market in Europe.

Security Matters and 4evergreen see it as vital to contribute to a climate neutral society by assisting in the industry’s ability to ensure circularity of these high use products.

Two sectors SMX is focused on entering are fashion and electronics – industries that seek urgent actions to increase brand authenticity, ensure supply chain integrity, and unlock ESG value.

On the fashion front for instance, the company has just rolled out its latest partnership with a leading global luxury lifestyle conglomerate’s sourcing division, LVMH Métiers d’Art.

The agreement will see both companies collaborate on a series of R&D projects focusing on the traceability of origin for the raw materials used in LVMH Métiers d’Art’s supply chain.

This collaboration has furthered the work of SMX’s Fashion Sustainability Competence Centre, which enables companies with transparent recycling policies to reclaim their goods back into high-quality materials and merchandise – which in turn enables a fully circular fashion economy.


The plastics circular economy

SMX  has successfully integrated its latest Generation 2.0 Plastic Circular Economy Online Unit with its blockchain digital platform, as it digs in its foothold across the burgeoning, multi-billion-dollar global packaging-recycling industry.

The end-to-end plastic circular economy digital platform service combines all three of the firm’s unique tech IP for the plastics industry into a single, interconnected platform service.

It will enable companies within the plastics industry to grade, certify and comply with global ESG regulations.

The Generation 2.0 reader online unit is a blockchain-enabled industrial scale identification, authentication smart sorting reader, integrated on top of conveyor belts.

This conveyor belt reader unit combines SMX’s physical marking, track, and trace solutions with a digital twin blockchain platform solution to store key information about products of any plastic and polymer type, colour, shape, and size.

It can detect how many times the polymer has been recycled, known as loop counts, is colour agonistic and can detect SMX marked samples in more formats such as different containers, bottles and flat wrappers.

In addition, SMX’s Computerized Exchange Platform (EXP) is a blockchain-based distributed management of electronic certificates that will provide proof of ethical sourcing.

The certificates can be converted into plastic credits that are given a monetised trading value, thereby allowing SMX’s technology to act as the platform for a new clean-energy marketplace.

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