From Princess Leia’s plea for help to Tupac’s appearance alongside Snoop Dog, holograms have been a part of pop culture for decades.

Now the 3D technology is making its way into the advertising industry and GoConnect (ASX:GCN) hopes the trend will bring its shares back to life after more than a year in suspension.

GoConnect yesterday announced it was moving into hologram marketing with its 44 per cent subsidiary Go Green Holdings partnering up with Activate Media Events to establish “the world’s first holographic display out of home  media platform GoHoloMedia”.

Life-sized holographic displays would initially target retail and entertainment installations.

GoConnect chairman Richard Li told Stockhead he hoped to emulate impressive results from hologram ads in use by brands such as Nike and Kraft Foods, starting with targets in the Chinese market.

“New technology is constantly shaping the way we watch content,” Mr Li said. “It is simply a matter of evolution — outside-of-home digital signs will need to move to a holographic display.

“We have already proven the technology with earlier campaigns for brands such as Wittner shoes and see China as a prime target because it is such a large market.” (See video below).

The global holographic market was worth about $1.6 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $8.2 million by the end of 2022, according to Orbis Research.

GoConnect last traded on September 30 at 0.7c. It was suspended on October 3 for failing to lodge a 2016 annual report.

GoConnect has now pegged its hopes on the hologram play and a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality business Go Green Holdings, also with a focus on China.

“We are working with ASX to resume trading of GoConnect Ltd shares as we believe we have now complied with all listing rules,” Mr Li said. “The decision for resuming trading of the GCN shares ultimately rests with ASX,” the chairman said.

“On cashflows, Go Green Holdings has a number of projects in the pipeline including launching a pay per view VR TV service — so it is not dependent on any single project such as GoHoloMedia.

“GoConnect has reported it has secured $1.5 million income from various agreements related to transfer of Go Green Holdings shares before and after 30 June 2017.

“However, due to the timing of settlement of these transfers and as advised by the entity’s auditors, the additional income will be recognised in the current financial year.”

GoConnect made no sales in the September quarter, and had $945 in the bank.