Fastbrick Robotics has taken the wraps off its one-armed bricklaying robot again, this time in an outdoor demonstration.

The cameras were rolling for HadrianX’s latest performance as it tested its “first application of our Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST™)”.

In a nutshell, HadrianX was outside to test its reactions and adjustments to things like heat and wind. When it comes to laying bricks, precision is kind of a big deal.

Watching on was FBR’s CEO Mike Pivac and COO Mark Sheridan as HadrianX laid down an F block structure at a rate of “45-55 seconds per laying motion”.

That’s test mode speed. Mr Pivac says the tests were part of a process to get HadrianX laying up to “three or four times that laying rate”.

Four times the fastest laying rate would have it placing a brick every 11 seconds, or about 7800 bricks every 24 hours. Because unlike a human, HadrianX doesn’t need smokos and sleep.

It’s not just shifting blocks around that have already been laid out either. Throughout the video you can see the blocks being fed into HadrianX’s hand.

During the demo, Mr Pivac suggested HadrianX will “finish the complete house structure”, so there may be something more impressive to come.

Throughout the whole demonstration, HadrianX lays what looks to be about seven bricks.

And while 45-55 seconds is not laying at a particularly impressive speed, one of those bricks is placed perfectly between two others, and it’s notably a bit breezy out as well. Mr Sheridan likes what he sees.

“No one’s touched a block all the way through this process,” Mr Pivac says.

“We you see it able to position a piece of the wall system in exactly the right spot, it’s a thing of beauty,” Mr Pivac says. “And that tells me that there is not a structure in the world that we’ll not be able to build with this machine.”

Here’s the full video: