Military and space tech Electro Optic Systems has a three-pronged approach to counter-drone combat: missiles, cannons and lasers.

The Aussie gun-maker (ASX:EOS) has detailed its range of short-range air defence (SHORAD) systems – the latest of which is a high-powered laser that can disable or destroy any drone moving into sight of the weapon.

“There is a rapidly emerging and well-funded market for SHORAD against UAS [uninhabited aerial systems] which deliver ordnance or obtain intelligence,” the group told investors. “The requirements are urgent.”

Prefer a more traditional weapon?

Consider EOS’s R-400S Mk2 cannon which is capable of locking onto small airborne targets and delivering air-burst rounds to destroy drones at ranges up to 2km.

You can see the results in the above picture.

EOS reported $10 million in customer receipts in the March quarter and $8.5 million in outgoing costs for manufacturing and operations.

EOS had $63 million in the bank after a recent $65 million placement, and expected to spend $17 million in the current quarter.

EOS’s high-power laser can shoot down unmanned aircraft such as drones.

EOS shares fired up in morning trade – climbing from $2.94 as high as $3.05. The shares were trading at $3.03 by 12pm AEST.

EOS says it’s fine-tuning its “space situation awareness” capabilities, after an extensive period of testing with one customer involving the application of multiple sensors and sites.

Last month it selected Huntsville Alabama for a US expansion, where it hopes to emulate the success of its ACT facility which produced 40 units in the first quarter.

“The yield of the new production plant and processes has climbed from relatively low levels at the outset to the threshold of profitable operation during Q1 2018.

“This is slightly ahead of expectations and the yield trajectory is still positive, as required. Obstacles to improved yield are systematically being identified and eliminated, and these obstacles are diminishing in number and magnitude.”