Trade Samurai reckons it can make you an expert in trading on the stock market by playing cartoon games on an app.

And it says the qualities that will make you a stock market expert are the same as those recognised in the samurai, the members of the Japanese medieval and early-modern Japanese warrior class: honour, discipline and focus.

The mobile app-based “educational game and subscription trading recommendations service” is trying to raise up to $4 million to fund app development, marketing and international expansion, selling would-be investors an exit strategy of an initial public offering or reverse takeover — but not for three to five years.

The gamified share trading product has been in development by Sydney-based STS Operations since 2013.

STS was founded by Savannah Jackson and Julie Cairns, a formerly married couple who came to national prominence a few years ago when Ms Jackson transitioned from a man to a woman.

A fund-raising offer was launched in September, outlining the sale of 103,397 shares in the company at $178.50 a pop, with an asking minimum of 14 shares (for $2499).

Trade Samurai says it is “perfectly positioned” between three “explosive” industries — apps for mobile devices, financial market and stockbroking businesses and fintech.

They argue there is a market for people who “want to have control over their financial decisions, to be educated and informed but don’t want to spend years to study the markets or spend hours each day to trade”.

It hopes to make money from brokerage fees on real trades and a $20 per month trade recommendations service.

Players can trade instruments including Forex, CFDs, indices and futures.

The Trade Samurai app offers trading education “in the form of interactive and exciting ‘Samurai’-themed games”, a trading platform, trade recommendations and strict fiscal management.

The app will be free to download, but is heavily gamified — meaning it is built in such a way as to encourage user loyalty and generate revenue via trades as well as the subscription recommendations service.

Trade Samurai hopes to reach the 3000 to 5000 actively trading clients it needs to turn a profit by the end of this year.

The offer expires on October 6.

Trade Samurai has been approached for comment.