Adveritas’ rapid rise is testament to its growth strategy, as the TrafficGuard platform continues to gain reputation and  momentum.

Ad fraud prevention company, Adveritas (ASX:AV1), has had a busy year, delivering on its growth strategy and hitting all key metrics.

For the full financial year of FY21, the company’s annualised revenue has grown by 111% since December 2020 to $1m.

Freemium subscribers increased by 400% since 30 June 2020 to 2,690 users, with a 15% conversion rate compared to a global average of 2-5%.

After a successful $3 million placement in July, Adveritas is well funded and holds $3.2 million in cash and no debt as at 30 June.

During the year, the company was also able to penetrate key verticals of betting, technology, and ecommerce marketplaces – with the signing of GVC Australia, Betfred, and Gojek being some of the major highlights.

The pipeline of new clients has continued into FY22, with the signing of European sports betting company Betbull, and Indian e-commerce play CARS24.

Other opportunities are also in the works, with several global companies currently undertaking trials, and existing customers trying out additional services.

To support this growth, Adveritas has added representatives across its Asia and Europe teams, including the appointment of a Chief Revenue Officer to further expand its reach in global markets.


TrafficGuard adoption gaining momentum

Adveritas’ market-leading TrafficGuard is an ad fraud prevention software that targets invalid traffic before it reaches a client’s ad budget.

Using TrafficGuard, marketers, agencies and ad networks can both detect and prevent invalid traffic in real time in order to maximise the return on their advertising spend.

Research data shows that  advertisers’ total loss due to fraud will rise to $100 billion by 2023, so it has been no surprise that Traffic Guard has been welcomed by the industry.

The award winning platform is used by big global clients including Ladbrokes, Gojek, and Deezer.

In July, Traffic Guard was also selected as the only certified ad verification vendor on the Google Cloud platform.

The platform adds value to clients by proactively blocking invalid traffic from infiltrating paid campaigns.

This is done by automatically detecting invalid traffic and dynamically updating a client’s IP exclusion list, such that non-human traffic will be detected and prevented in real time.

Adveritas found early success with its ‘freemium’ model user acquisition strategy, and is now beginning to reap benefits from it.

Its rapidly growing freemium user base is starting to convert to paying customers, which have grown by 1,367% year on year since June 2020.


What’s ahead in FY22

Advertitas says that looking ahead, its strategic focus is to drive mass market traffic towards its Self Sign-up portal for both its Freemium, as well as Pay as You Go (PAYG) systems.

This new system makes signing up easy, which only takes an average of 12 minutes  across the client base.

It was designed for companies that spend money on the Google pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, which was worth a mammoth $147 billion in 2021.

With the new sign-up system, customers simply connect to their Google Ads account with one click in TrafficGuard via a certified API.

Adveritas says it will market this new product heavily through traditional channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and other traffic sources to drive user uptake.

Going into FY22, the company is also looking to continue the expansion of new verticals and further penetrate key markets globally.

Several multi billion dollar unicorns are currently trialling TrafficGuard which if converted, would support a rapid scale-up of its revenue in FY22.

The company believes there is substantial opportunity to scale through direct enterprise sales, channel partners and self sign-up PPC.

This article was developed in collaboration with Adveritas, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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