EVS is already engaged in two projects with its US partner, leading air quality solutions provider Byers Scientific. 

For environment technology company Envirosuite (ASX:EVS), the US market offers a major pipeline of new growth opportunities. 

The company took another step forward on that path today, flagging a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading air quality and odour minimisation business Byers Scientific. 

The MoU will see both companies enter into a strategic agreement that combines the best-in-class Byers’ odour control systems with Envirosuite’s EVS Omnis platform. 

Working together, the two companies will aim to build an improved solution to address “complex odour and emissions problems for companies in the Industrial, Waste and Wastewater sectors”, EVS said. 

And already, Byers and EVS are engaged on a landfill project in King County, Washington, and a commercial cannabis project in Santa Barbara County, California. 


US opportunity 

The MoU marks the latest sign that EVS is gaining traction in the US with its multi-channel environmental technology offering. 

In line with that strategy, the company last December announced the appointment of a new chief operating officer, Aaron Lapsley – a US-based envirotech entrepreneur who previously ran a US environmental consultancy group. 

Byers Scientific has a leading position in the US market with a number of solutions to help clients manage industrial-scale odours and emissions. 

The company offers custom-designed manufacturing equipment optimised by its cloud-based SCADA technology.  

The platform has been successfully deployed to clients across North America in the waste management and commercial agriculture sectors. 

Combined with the EVS Omnis platform, the two companies will combine the strengths of Byers’ in-house research and development practices with Envirosuite’s monitoring solution, giving clients the ability to “model, predict, and mitigate odour and emissions while preserving critical community relationships”, EVS said. 


CEO view 

Byers Scientific president and founder, Marc Byers, said Envirosuite’s market-leading monitoring technology was a natural fit for the in-house products his company has already developed. 

“We have long admired Envirosuite’s innovative and advanced platform and viewed its capability as a common sense combination with our own odor mitigation equipment and strategies,” Byers said. 

 “The opportunity to combine these offerings creates an industrial dream-team and provides the market with the most comprehensive odour management system available.” 

For Envirosuite CEO Jason Cooper, the deal offers the company an opportunity to partner with a leading US-based partner in a sector that still has heavy demand for improved solutions. 

“The Waste sector faces increased scrutiny and challenges to odour management and mitigation in the United States,” Cooper said. 

“Having already partnered on two projects, we’re confident that the combined offering will help accelerate our growth in the waste and commercial agriculture sectors.” 

Along with greater market access, EVS expects the joint partnership to achieve a core value-add from the combined technology offering. 

 The company aims to leverage the partnership “to drive revenue and customer traction with the complementary nature of our businesses and strategic growth objectives in North America”, EVS said. 

This article was developed in collaboration with Envirosuite, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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