Energy manager Energy Action is putting itself up for sale, saying current energy market conditions make this the right time to look for a buyer.

The company (ASX:EAX) did not go into specifically what market conditions those would be.

Demand for energy management services — helping businesses manage utility bills and getting better deals — is rising, but the market is still in its infancy.

Few companies are making a profit, and only one of six listed companies in the sector has breached the $100 million market cap threshold — Buddy earlier in 2018, before its share price fell back from from 40c to under 15c.

Energy Action has engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers to look for a buyer, or in corporate speak: “conduct a review of the various strategic options available to the Company to maximise value for its shareholders”.

The company has reduced debt by $3 million in fiscal 2018. Loans stood at $7.8 million as at the end of December.

Energy Action hasn’t yet released its full-year results, but its half-year results showed a profit of $1 million and cash of $810,000.

Stockhead is seeking comment from Energy Action.

The news left Energy Action’s share price — which has underperformed since February inspite of a $1.2 million solar panel contract win in May — unmoved at 74c.

Energy Action has been listed since 2011 but peaked in 2013 and has never regained the lost ground.

Its shares hit an all-time low in May of 61c.

Energy Action shares since their inception.