After attending a leading global conference for commercial drones in the US, Elsight is confident of continuing its growth trajectory in a sector with enormous possibilities.

Unmanned connectivity technology companyElsight (ASX:ELS) believes the global drone industry is maturing and has potential to transform how we all live.

After attending the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas last week, CEO Yoav Amitai said the main excitement was around seeing the maturity level of the industry and the progress happening year on year.

“The number of companies who speak about scale, deployment, and real-life businesses is getting bigger and bigger, and it shows the process this industry is going through,” he said.

“Another point is the willingness to collaborate – the vast majority of the companies understand that they can’t solve all the problems by themselves but by collaborating with subject matter experts.”


FAA announces first TC for drones

Coinciding with the conference, attended by leading global drone players, the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) announced the first type certification (TC) for drones to Matternet.

The US drone manufacturer was able to demonstrate its drone follows airworthiness, noise, fuel venting, and exhaust emissions standards, which will allow it to scale drone parcel delivery operations in the US.

From commercial and medical deliveries, Amitai said the potential for drones is only just being realised.

“The TC strengthens the understanding that this industry is becoming the next physical infrastructure that will transform the way we all live for the good,” Amitai said.

“It is not a question of if anymore, but a question of when and how fast, and being a major part of it is a great feeling.”


Regulation and scalability among big topics of discussion

Amitai said regulation, scalability, market education challenges, and progress of different companies were main topics of discussion at the conference.

Under its Design Win strategy Elsight’s Halo technology is embedded as a critical component in drone design by manufacturers so as they grow so too does Elsight.

Halo is the in-house communications platform which delivers fast and secure data transmission and end-to-end connectivity for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Elsight’s tech has attracted high-profile clients including Drone-up, which is working with Walmart to enable US households to get groceries and supplies delivered by drones.

Other key partnerships include:


Follow up deals from key conference

Amitai said Elsight had a strong presence at the show and gained great traction, which the team was now working to build upon.

“We have now started to process some of the discussion and do some following up, but I am sure we will see some big projects coming out of this event,” he said.

He said the commercial drone industry has enormous potential for growth in the future, including delivering to remote or hard to get locations.

“We’ve only started to scratch the surface with the use cases that will be enabled by this infrastructure,” he said.



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