One of anti-drone tech company DroneShield’s products has been assigned a NATO stock number, allowing countries in the international military alliance to purchase the product off the shelf.

DroneShield (ASX:DRO) is the maker of DroneGun Tactical, a large, gun-looking device that interferes with drones’ frequencies and brings them to the ground.

The company told investors this morning about 5865661650137, the NATO Stock Number (NSN) that allows the 29 NATO-affiliated countries to purchase the DroneGun Tactical.

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It comes a few months after DroneShield participated in NATO’s Night Hawk program, a military training exercise aimed at strengthening the intergovernmental alliance’s fight against outside threats.

The company has produced this dramatic video demonstration of the technology:

The NSN significantly simplifies the procurement process, DroneShield said.

“The Company expects that the receipt of the NSN for DroneGun TacticalTM will assist its sales efforts in both NATO and non-NATO countries.”

Sales appear to be taking off at the company following a string of drone-related incidents at international airportsStockhead reported in January.

It took almost $490,000 in cash receipts in the fourth quarter — the December period — which was its highest ever take.

DroneShield said the first three weeks of January had almost beaten the entire second half of last year, thanks to the errant drone over Gatwick airport in the UK on December 19-21 that cost millions of dollars.

Shares fell ever so slightly on the news to 15c.

DroneShield shares (ASX:DRO) over the past year.