Is there something happening at Zyber — the shell company that was momentarily rumoured to be moving into blockchain?

Director Scott Mison just spent $25,491 of his super fund’s money on 1.5 million shares in the shell company (ASX:ZYB).

Mr Mison has been a director since the start of October, around the time the current board gave up on the flailing enterprise security tech and turned to more exciting prospects — a plan that hasn’t so far panned out.

The on-market purchase took place on February 2, a day when the stock closed at 1.8c.

Mr Mison now owns 5.5 million shares in Zyber.

Mr Mison is also company secretary for embattled GetSwift (ASX:GSW) — which is still in suspension as it tries to answer the ASX’s questions and prevent the decimation of its share price when it emerges back onto the market.

He is the interim CEO of Longford Resources (ASX:LFR), and the CFO and company secretary for Jupiter Energy (ASX:JPR) and Rift Valley Resources (ASX:RVY).

Mr Mison, who’s companies are largely based in Perth, could not be reached before publication.

Zyber was one of the most-hyped small caps over January.

The shares surged 193 per cent from the end of December to a peak in mid-January — despite a lack of news.

Speculators who hadn’t sold out before January 19 saw their holdings slashed by 50 per cent over that weekend.

Zyber closed down 8 per cent on Thursday at 2.2c.