DC Two has applied for Tier III design accreditation from the Uptime Institute for its Bibra Lake data centre in WA.

It’s an important certification to run a world-class data centre facility and the company says it would be a catalyst for growth – demonstrating to customers that Bibra Lake is a reliable, effective, and secure facility.

Essentially, the tier certification measures a data centre infrastructure’s capability to meet performance levels.

It also provides businesses with an independent understanding of how a particular data centre facility will function per their needs and what they might be able to expect from the location.

Competitive edge for the company

DC Two (ASX:DC2) managing director Justin Thomas said, if successful, the company will become the only provider in Western Australia with their own Tier III accredited data centre and ISO 27001 ISMS accredited cloud platform.

And the company would have a competitive edge when tendering for mid-market and enterprise customers requiring Tier III compliance, security, and access accreditations.

“Achieving a potential Tier III rating signals to customers that our facility meets the highest standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity,” he said.

“It successful, it will validate that the system design is consistent with the highest global standards and represents an additional layer of trust and security for customers.”

Accreditation outcome expected in February

To be defined as a Tier III data centre, Bibra Lake will adhere to: 

  • Concurrent Maintainability – the data centre will be able to undergo routine maintenance without a disruption in operations and won’t need to shut down for equipment replacement and maintenance; and
  • N+1 Critical Systems – redundant delivery pathways for facility critical systems (power generation, uninterruptable power system and cooling systems) will ensure that each component needed to support the digital environment can be shut down and maintained without impact on live operation.

The company expects the first report to be received from the Uptime Institute by mid-January, with the final Tier III design accreditation outcome during February 2022.

In the meantime, DC Two will continue to onboard new customers at the Bibra Lake facility.




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