Smart lighting company Buddy Technologies (ASX:BUD) says it expects record sales during Amazon Prime Day, which is today and tomorrow.

The Adelaide company said Amazon had ordered about one million of Buddy’s LIFX smart lights, which it will include for free when customers in US, Canadian, Mexican and European markets purchase an Echo Dot or Echo Flex, Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa systems.

The LIFX White normally costs $US9.99 and the Echo, $US49.99. Amazon will sell both in a bundle for an “enormous pricing discount” of just $US18.99, Buddy said.

The LIFX White was one of the company’s first products to support Amazon’s Wireless Simple Setup, which makes it easier to connect devices to home WiFi accounts.

Buddy Technologies chief executive David McLauchlan said the company was “thrilled” to have been selected for Amazon for the Prime Day deals.

“Adjusting a home’s lighting by only using your voice remains one of the most impactful uses for the Alexa Smart Home by consumers, and to enable that we’re exceptionally proud of our close relationship with Amazon’s Alexa team,” he said.

The company has strengthened its cloud capabilities in anticipation of a major uplift in new customers to the platform, he said.