The Philips agreement will allow Cortical Dynamics’ Brain Anaesthesia Response Monitor PEC device to be marketed as a compatible and a “ supported device”for the Philips’ Intelliview Patient Monitoring System . 

Diversified company BPH Energy (ASX:BPH) shares lifted 10% yesterday  after announcing that its investee company, Cortical Dynamics Limited, has successfully met the necessary prerequisites for the Philips License and Cooperation Agreement.

The agreement allows Cortical to claim that its BARM-PEC (Brain Anaesthesia Response Monitor device) is a compatible and “supported device“ for Philips Patient Monitoring Systems IntelliVue MP40-90 and MX400-850.

The licence further specifies that compatibility is based on using the Philips IntelliBridge EC10 Interface Module or IntelliBridge EC10 integral Interface Board, as well as Philips IntelliBridge System Release C.0, and Patient Information Center iX using the EC40/80 Hub with Open Interface driver (ED/BD101) and EC5 ID Module #106.

Philips has now officially confirmed that Cortical may now claim compatibility of the BARM-PEC with the above-mentioned Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitoring Systems.

Following the announcement, Philips will include Cortical’s BARM-PEC in the list of Open Interface supported medical devices that is shared with the Philips sales force and published on related Philips webpages.

The BARM_PEC device

The BARM_PEC device meanwhile was developed in-house by Cortical, a neurotechnology company focusing on developing brain function monitors.

The device is a next generation certified class II personalised Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring Device for use in the operating room and ICU.

The device is complemented by  CORDYAN™ (Cortical Dynamics Analytics), a proprietary deep learning system/App focusing on anaesthesiology recently developed by Cortical Dynamics as a result of a matched grant from MTPConnect.

Cortical has developed an extensive patent portfolio encapsulating the BAR monitoring system and its physiologically based algorithms.

It has patent grants for the device in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Japan, China, U.K., Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries.

Cortical continues to enhance the BARM™ system with pending hardware ,firmware and software upgrades.




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