Critical metals company Hyperion has welcomed Dr Ali Yousefiani to its scientific and technical advisory board in a move that shows “a very significant vote of confidence in our technology and team.”

Dr. Yousefiani is a technical fellow and the chief scientist for metallic materials technology for Boeing Research & Technology.

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defence, space and security systems, and is one of the world’s largest consumers of titanium metal and products.

Dr Yousefiani was Boeing’s representative on the US Government ARPA-E funded research and development program for Hyperion’s breakthrough, patented titanium metal and powder HAMR and GSD technologies.

The program saw the technology move from laboratory scale to pilot scale production, giving Yousefigni firsthand knowledge of the potential impact the technologies could have.

Hyperion (ASX:HYM) believes that Dr Yousefiani will be invaluable for his extensive industry contacts and will assist in securing technology partnerships, investments and offtake deals.


Commercialising titanium technologies

Dr. Yousefiani will be focused on the commercialisation of Hyperion’s titanium technologies.

“Dr. Yousefiani is a recognized global leader in the field of material sciences and advanced materials, and combined with the skills and experience of existing advisory board members Dr. Zak Fang & Dr. Kesh Keshavan, we have a world class team that will accelerate our plans to produce low cost, low carbon titanium metal and powders,” Hyperion CEO and managing director Anastasios Arima said.

“Dr. Yousefiani has deep experience in commercialising new technologies and high-performance materials and we are delighted to apply his valued guidance and advice at Hyperion Metals.”

Commercialisation is key for the company, as the USA remains 100% dependent on high carbon, expensive titanium primary metal imports. That leaves the total addressable market for low cost, low carbon titanium at over US$100 billion per annum.

“As the global industry leader in space, aerospace and defence this is not a sustainable position,” Arima said.

“Hyperion Metals intends to rectify this precarious dependency with our patented HAMR and GSD titanium technologies and we are making rapid progress towards our goal of commercial production of low cost, low carbon titanium metal and powder.”