• NASA releases Perseverance Rover Mars pics from the Jezero Crater Delta
  • Janison nabs $1m digital assessment deal with Cambridge University Press & Assessment
  • Xtek considers FY23 dividend off the back of FY22 105% revenue growth


It’s not quite as spectacular as pictures from the Orion Nebula from the James Webb Space Telescope, but NASA has just tweeted the most detailed image ever taken on Mars where the Perseverance Rover is exploring Jezero Crater Delta.

It does just look like a desert, but the scientists have pointed out some fine grain sedimentary rocks which are typically really good places to search for signs of ancient life.

Samples have been taken and a future mission would bring them back to Earth to be analysed.


If that’s not enough for you science nerds out there you can jump into a 3D exploration experience with Perseverance here.


Who’s got tech news out today?


The edtech player has been awarded a global agreement with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, the world’s largest assessment publisher, to provide its digital assessment technology and event support services.

In conjunction with the other existing Janison–Cambridge agreements this partnership has the potential to position Cambridge University Press and Assessments as the company’s largest enterprise customer globally. 

The three-year umbrella agreement is worth approximately ~$1m based on minimum assessment volumes and will see Janison and Cambridge add further digital assessments (contracted via Statements of Work) over the next few years. 

The first new products are expected to be launched in the UK and Europe in 2H FY23. 



The company announced a new capital management policy and a dividend is in the works for FY23.

The policy basically outlines guidelines for the prioritisation and allocation of capital to the balance sheet, to shareholders via dividends and/or share buy backs, and to the continued investment in the XTEK business – which includes both organic and acquisition opportunities – to generate earnings growth. 

“The Group has increased confidence about future operating cash flows based on ongoing expectations of positive market conditions, and this has underpinned the decision to declare our maiden dividend in FY23 and to return surplus cash to our shareholders,” CEO Scott Basham said.

The announcement follows the release of the company’s recent full year result for FY22 of $58.2m revenue – up a massive 105% from $28.3m in FY21.



Harvest has nabbed its first long-term contract with Vallianz Holdings for installation of its Nodestream video streaming technology on their new-build DP2 vessel, ‘Vallianz Prestige’. 

The tech will play a key role in Vallianz’s vessel situational awareness, streaming live video from onboard CCTV cameras to a shore-based operations centre at a fraction of the cost and bandwidth traditionally required. 

The company says Vallianz has the potential to deliver a material increase to the group’s annual revenue over time, as more contracts are secured – as they operate a fleet of over 70 vessels globally.

“We are excited about developing our relationship with Vallianz in the APAC region and look forward to supporting expansion of our technology to their other vessels around the globe,” said Richard Coston, Head of Sales – APAC, Harvest APAC head of sales Richard Coston said.

The contract value over the 24-month term is approximately USD$30k.



Dotz has secured a $5.15 million investment by New York-based Lind Partners to accelerate R&D, marketing and development of its Theracell Labs Project.

The company has a commercial agreement with Theracell – which specialises in development of cell and gene therapy devices, treatments and processing systems – for its tracing and verification tech.

Under the agreement, Theracell has committed to a minimum purchase order of US$5 million in the first year for the supply of Dotz-tagged disposable bioprocessing consumables, subject to project and service deliverables still to be agreed by the parties.

The companies are also collaborating on a joint development of bio-imaging solutions to tag patient-derived cells as an identification standard for quality assurance and to trace therapeutic cells in a patient’s body to determine the treatment efficacy. 

Dotz also plans to use some of the funds to scale up the commercialisation of its solutions in the Oil & Gas sector.



HSC has received an order to supply next generation assistive technology solutions to Village Glen for 610 villas and apartments at its retirement village located at 335 Eastbourne Rd, Capel Sound, Victoria. 

The conditional purchase order is for the supply and installation of HSC’s Care@Home Nurse Call solution, wearable pendants, and voice-activated emergency call technology.

The first year fee is estimated at approximately $0.3 million, with the project due to commence during September 2022, and finalisation expected in November 2022. 

The company will also provide the ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the 610 units within the retirement village via its Talius Smart Care Platform, which is expected to generate recurring annual revenue of approximately $57,000. 


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