• NASA heads to the NT to launch a rocket to observe Alpha Centauri A & B constellations
  • Zoom2u inks a delivery deal with live tracking for Bunnings 
  • iCandy acquires European game developer Flying Sheep Studios

Australia’s commercial space sector has reached a new milestone, with NASA set to launch a rocket from the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) in the NT on June 26.

Most space centres are government owned and operated but the ASX is owned and run by Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) who said the historic launch is also NASA’s first launch from a fully commercial spaceport.

It will be the first of three rocket launches – with the others planned for 4 and 12 July – to conduct astrophysics studies that can only be done from the Southern Hemisphere.

The BBIX rocket will travel to over 300km in space, carrying an atmospheric observation/sensing platform to observe the Alpha Centauri A & B constellations.

And the launch site looks exactly like you think it does:


Huge milestone for Aussie space sector

“Having NASA as our first customer is not only a great endorsement of our spaceport, but it places us at the forefront of global commercial space and proves that through ELA and the ASC, Australia now has a Sovereign launch capability and access to space,” ELA Group CEO and executive chairman Michael Jones says.

“This campaign is just the start for us as we are in advance commercial discussions with nine other major rocket companies, and we hope to carry out at least two additional launches in 2022 before ramping up our launch cadence to over 50 launches per year by 2024/25.

“The ASC offers Australian space businesses and international rocket and satellite companies a unique opportunity to launch from a site which provides cost effective access to virtually any orbit they desire.”

ELA will now commence the development of Phase 2 of the ASC which includes the construction of additional larger launch pads to accommodate medium sized/larger payload rockets.


Who’s got tech news out today?


Delivery platform player Zoom2u has entered into an agreement with Bunnings after a successful trial of its service in selected stores.

Customers in major capital cities will now have the option of using the platform for local delivery of products, with a transparent delivery experience providing a live tracking link showing the real time location of, and an ETA for their delivery.

Zoom2u founder and CEO Steve Orenstein said “to be chosen as one of Bunnings’ last mile delivery providers is a validation of the Zoom2u Platform.”

Under the agreement, Bunnings is under no obligation to meet any minimum volume of spend, or fee commitments, and the arrangement is not exclusive.


The game developer is picking up a 60% stake in Flying Sheep Studios for $3.01m.

Flying Sheep Studios is a German game development company that has delivered over 200 games to brands including DreamWorks Animation and The Lego Group.

It also has an inhouse technology stack of HTML5 and WebGL capabilities.

Notably, HTML5 revolutionises cross-platform gaming through its web technology that is size-efficient and fast-loading – and is designed to reduce load on server and requires no downloads or installation and support rich media elements without plugins.

iCandy says the acqusitsion will “significantly augment” its software engineering and technology capabilities in its objectives to develop broad-range metaverse game titles.

It’s also a step in the door of the European gaming market – which is projected to be worth US$27.4 billion in 2022 in the video games segment.



The drones-as-a-service provider has signed a 3-year contract with Red 5 subsidiary Greenstone Resources for drone surveying services in WA.

The Total Contract Value (TCV) is AU$1.01m with Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of AU$336k for services to the King of the Hills and Darlot gold mines.

“We are pleased to be officially working with Red 5 and to provide frequent aerial surveying support which can be delivered efficiently and effectively to the business across a number of areas including for open pit mining, stockpile, processing area and for environmental purposes,” DLT CEO Christopher Clark said.


The company is gearing up to undertake first US commercial install of 250sqm of its energy generating photovoltaic glazing in LabReal LLC’s office building in Atlanta, Georgia.

This comes after an announcement earlier this month that the company is teaming up with Nodis to participate in a US Air Force evaluation of their Power-Generating Smart Window Technologies.

“ClearVue is the only company in the world that has a clear solar-glass product deployed and installed in the market,” North American CEO Basil Karampelas said.

“ClearVue’s electricity generating clear glazing technology is strategically positioned to complement and support the case for the increased use of energy-efficient windows now being regulated in response to global climate change and energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction goals.”

Construction is expected to start in Q4 2022, and the company is confident the building will serve as a reference site for securing larger sales in North America.

Z2U, ICI, DLT and CPV share prices today:




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