• Goodyear’s airless tyre tech could be used on Moon Rovers as soon as 2025
  • BluGlass says its new US semiconductor fab is contributing to technical roadmaps
  • Sports analytics player Catapult aims for positive free cash flow in FY24


In one small step for NASA and one giant leap for Goodyear, the tyre giant is teaming up with Lockheed Martin to develop airless tyres for Moon Rovers for NASA’s Artemis program.

Goodyear’s airless tech is already used on Earth with micro-mobility, autonomous shuttles, and passenger vehicles, and could be used on the moon as soon as 2025.

“Everything we learn from making tyres for the moon’s extremely difficult operating environment will help us make better airless tyres on earth,” global operations and chief technology officer Chris Helsel said.

“This will contribute to our end goal of enabling mobility no matter where it takes place. Just as important, it is an honour to write history with this prestigious company that knows how to make giant leaps in exploration and mobility.”


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The semiconductor developer says its Silicon Valley production fab now has several operational manufacturing processes for GaN laser diode development and is contributing to the company’s technical roadmaps. 

President Jim Haden says this basically enables the company to speed up product development while also reducing its cost base. 

“By bringing core fabrication processes in-house, we reduce supply chain complexity and improve the quality and consistency of our laser diodes,” he said. 

“Each process we bring in-house is the equivalent of a specialist supplier being integrated into the business – reducing the complexity of co-ordinating efforts and problem-solving at multiple locations.” 



Sport analytics player Catapult has announced reductions to its cost base “that will accelerate a return to positive free cash flow earlier than anticipated.” 

The company has reduced its accelerated growth investment in both employee expenses and general overhead to concentrate investment in its key product verticals in the fast-growing sports technology market – the professional portion of which is expected to reach $40.2 Billion by 20261.

And CEO Will Lopes said they could be free cash flow positive in FY24.

“Whilst the elite sports sector remains strong, we must also be responsive to the changes in the global macroeconomic environment and adapt our margin of safety,” he said.

“Thus, we have taken the decision to strengthen our balance sheet and accelerate our return to generating positive free cash. 

“We continue to see strong growth within our elite customers, where we can capitalise on our Performance & Health leadership position and bring our new portfolio of Tactics & Coaching innovations to the best teams in the world.”


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