• Cops could soon scan your fingerprints with a phone camera
  • Emerge Gaming to launch game streaming service in Africa
  • Archer fabricates nanodevices to do quantum measurements for its 12CQ chip


Old fashioned ink fingerprinting is on the way out and even touching scanners could soon be defunct, with the development of contactless fingerprinting tech.

Cops could soon be using a phone camera to process your prints, according to fingerprinting tech company VP of Technology Chase Hatcher.

“The underlying component of this is an image processing algorithm that works with computer vision principles to transform the photograph of fingers into a machine-matchable fingerprint,” he told Wired.

Basically, the company’s algorithms can detect the ridges that define your fingerprint by identifying shadows and lighter areas – as long as the camera has auto focus.

The tech can even pick out fingerprints using a phone camera with a resolution as low as two megapixels – and it could be ready for rollout very soon.

Recently, Telos tied for first place in a US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) competition for the performance of contactless fingerprinting systems and how they could be used by law enforcement – or for firearm licensing, criminal background checks, and employment eligibility.


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The eSports company is launching a game streaming service on Africa’s largest telco Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN) under the brand MTN Arena.

It expands on the existing agreement with Emerge to be a MTN service provider for a further 2 years.

The company’s share of existing MTN Arena revenue will increase to 50% with Emerge’s game streaming revenue share set at 60%.

MTN will initially invest ~A$100,000 for promotional launch campaign in South Africa with expansion into more countries to follow, and game streaming is set for launch in calendar Q4 2022.



Quantum chip developer AXE says it has successfully fabricated nanodevices that it says will be used to perform quantum measurements that fundamentally link to its 12CQ chip technology operation.

The nanodevice fabrication is basically the first step towards the readout of quantum states from few and single qubits used in the 12CQ technology.

“The nanodevices are intended to translate the quantum behaviour of the 12CQ qubit material for on-chip information processing and provide a potential pathway to mobile integration,” CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said.

The company says the Nanofabrication process is repeatable and reproducible at scale, solving challenges related to complex nanodevice proximity effects and the on-chip integration of micron and nanometre size features.



This critical radio tech player has nabbed a follow-on WA resources communications network order that will provide A$650K in additional revenue for FY22.

It’s the 8th order since May 2020 from RCS Telecommunications Pty Ltd for an aggregate of A$3m+ to provide the ESK’s P25 digital radio network technology to the end customer – a major iron ore mining company in WA.

The network deployment is also expected to contribute to additional long term annual support revenues commencing in FY2023.

“Beyond this positive resource sector news, Etherstack management remain bullish about the outlook in relation to our telco carrier based MCPTX business development progress, satellite comms and government defence projects globally,” CEO David Deacon says.



X2M has nabbed new tenders in China and South Korea worth around A$2m for its utility hardware and software.

The Chinese contract is valued at a total of around A$1.34 million and will see the deployment of approximately 22,000 water meters with valve control into the Qingyuan district of Baoding City.

The other tender win is worth around A$0.66 million in the South Korean city of Incheon for the delivery of water metres to 7,777 households and follows an initial Incheon contract for approximately 600 households and delivery will be completed by November 2022.

“The 2022 financial year is showing up as an unprecedented year for X2M with respect to all our key metrices including revenue growth, customer acquisition and device deployments,” CEO Mohan Jesudason said.

“All of this positions the company very well for the 2023 financial year with significant contracts on hand for delivery in FY23.”