• Australia’s own vomit comet has completed a successful parabolic flight
  • XM2 ups water tech orders in South Korea’s Okcheon County from 47% to 80%
  • LiveHire patterns with TAPFIN for its talent acquisition platform in North America


Australia’s space program is starting to take off, with our very own vomit comet completing its first flight last week.

The two-seater SIAI-Marchetti S.211 jet completed its first commercial parabolic flight where the plane flies along the path of a freely falling object, creating a short period of weightlessness for everyone and everything inside.

It’s basically a test run for the zero-gravity conditions of space and contained six experiments developed by space science students at RMIT University.

The flight was operated by Australian space company Beings Systems, which plans to run regular commercial flights in coming years for researchers and companies to test equipment and technologies – and even give astronauts training for spaceflight.


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The company has flagged a repeat order for its water monitoring tech to around 4,000 households in Okcheon County in South Korea, valued around A$600K.

Okcheon has been regularly placing orders since March 2020 but this is the largest contract to date, and will take the percentage of Okcheon households connected to X2M’s IoT platform from 47% to 80%.

The company says the total addressable market for households with water meters in its existing South Korean customers is around 3.5 million households – with a potential value of more than $400 million in revenue if all those households were contracted to be fitted with water monitoring and control.



Recruitment platform LiveHire has signed a master services agreement with ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions LLC (TAPFIN) to offer LiveHire’s total talent acquisition and direct sourcing solution to TAPFIN clients across North America.

The company believes the partnership is a significant step forward for both the businesses and validates the direct sourcing market – especially as TAPFIN is one of the top four managed service providers globally with over USD$20 billion in contingent spend across 103 countries.


X2M & LVH share prices today: