As the ASX becomes flooded with “quarterlies” Stockhead sorts out the best ones so you don’t have to.

“Quarterlies” allude to ASX company quarterly activity and cash flow reports due on or before the last trading day of the first month after the relevant quarter.

While material company developments are typically recapped rather than announced, a company’s cash position is always watched by investors.

Shares may rally or sell off dependent on results if investors perceive the company is on track or not. Stockhead has recapped this morning’s stocks that rallied the most after releasing quarterly updates.


Improving revenues laying a foundation

Skyfii (ASX:SKF), a company which uses mobile app software used for crowd management, gained 23 per cent this morning.

It evidently impressed investors with its headline achievement of 21 per cent in total operating revenues.

It also saw a 27 per cent rise in total cash receipts and annualised recurring revenue (ARR) at $11 million.

Skyfii’s achievements in the last quarter included a contract win with NASDAQ-listed wifi provider Boingo (NDQ:WIFI) as well as acquiring Blix, an venue analytics firm.

Looking to the future, the company told shareholders it was confident that FY21 would be “another year of significant double-digit growth”.

Australia-Asia freight logistics provider WiseWay Group (ASX:WWG) was the biggest winner, rising 33 per cent this morning.

It is one of the few stocks that has gained from COVID-19’s impact, with cargo volumes spiking thanks to the ecommerce boom.

It opted to compared its performance with last year’s September quarter and it was easy to see the impact of COVID-19.

WiseWay’s total revenues came in at $31 million, 53 per cent higher than 12 months ago. Several individual segments saw even better improvement including its perishables segment which includes Australian fresh produce bound for Asia.

This was up from $0.6 million to $4.2 million – a 576 per cent gain.

Skyfii (ASX:SKF) and Wiseway (ASX:WWG) share price chart


Quarterlies show your eye is on the prize

Another big winner among companies that released quarterlies today was 4DS Memory (ASX:4DS).

The semiconductor manufacturer, which has a facility in San Francisco, saw tough times earlier this year as COVID-19 first hit.

But in the last quarter it added another $3.1 million to its coffers (enough to get it through 2021) and another three US patents.

4DS is targeting the fabrication of a megabit chip, a corporate transaction or both and it says results from its next wafer lots (due by early next year) will be significant in that regard.

It also welcomed a new chairman, Wilbert van den Hoek, who came fresh out of Cypress, a semiconductor firm recently acquired for US$10 billion by industry giant Infineon.

The company established an incentive scheme to incentivise Dr van den Hoek and other staffers to achieve a corporate transaction.

Shares gained up to 20 per cent in early trade.

4DS Memory (ASX:4DS) share price chart


Eyeing off the globe

Afterpay (ASX:APT) is continuing to be a smash hit with its sales reaching $4.1 billion in the quarter. While this was only 9 per cent up on the last quarter, it was 115 per cent more than last year’s September quarter.

But it is beginning to see growth in overseas markets, particularly in the US where its active customers and merchants are both up by over 150 per cent in 12 months.

In the UK, Afterpay’s active customers is up 282 per cent while active merchants are up 1,038 per cent.

Another smaller company eyeing growth in international markets and rallying in recent months is mobile payments play IOUpay (ASX:IOU).

The company actually released its quarterly yesterday but rallied further today after releasing another corporate update in which it outlined the opportunity awaiting it.

The adoption of digital payments in South East Asia is projected to hit US$1 trillion by 2025. And almost 300 million people in that region are underbanked or unbanked with limited options for credit.

It unveiled its vision for the next several months including launching a consumer app and rewards program next year.

Afterpay (ASX:APT) and IOUpay (ASX:IOU) share price chart


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