Altech is rapidly progressing plans to get its patented Silumina AnodesTM technology for lithium-ion batteries into the market with construction starting on a pilot plant in Germany.

The technology, which the Company says has cracked the “silicon code”, allows for the game-changing incorporation of high-capacity silicon into lithium-ion battery anodes to achieve a 30% higher energy capacity with improved battery life.

Altech Chemicals (ASX:ATC) expects its proprietary silicon graphite product to result in smaller, lighter batteries for the future of the EV market.

It recently completed a Preliminary Feasibility Study for construction of a full-scale 10,000 tonnes per annum Silumina AnodesTM plant in Saxony, Germany, which has modelled a net present value, being a measure of a project’s free cash flow, of US$507 million.

To support this development, the Altech has commenced construction of its pilot plant, capable of producing 120kg per day of Silumina AnodesTM, at a site adjacent to its Schwarze Pumpe project site, to enable qualification of the product for potential end users.

Highlighting the interest in the project, German Federal Chancellor HE Olaf Scholz visited Schwarze Pumpe as the head of a special delegation to boost economic development in the region.

With energy security being a significant concern in Germany, Silumina AnodesTM is considered a key project for industrial development in the State of Saxony, as well as Germany at large, with Altech invited to present its technology and Silumina AnodesTM project to the Federal Government of Germany through its Special Task Force of the Chancellery.

“With the blessing of the German Chancellor, as well as with the State Minister, Altech looks forward to significant support for the Silumina Anodes project in Schwarze Pumpe,” Altech’s German managing director Uwe Ahrens stated.


Pilot plant progress

Implementation of the pilot plant is well underway and progressing according to the expected timeframe.

Procurement of pilot plant equipment is well advanced, with all long lead equipment already ordered.

The pilot plant will be housed in an existing building in Dock3 at Schwarze Pumpe, and required building modifications and panel installation commenced in July 2022 in preparation for pilot plant construction to commence in October 2022.

Detailed design is nearing completion, with the Kuttner Engineering team now focusing on the development of commissioning and operational documentation.

Altech has also started the Definitive Feasibility Study for the full-scale plant ahead of schedule.

This will run in parallel with the pilot plant construction, with the Kuttner Engineering detailed design team transferring to the DFS study.

The mass and energy balance from the PFS is currently being validated, with minor changes to the process design simplifying the process in certain areas.


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