ActivePort’s MANO solution will be deployed in India, the world’s second biggest telco market with over 1.18 billion subscribers and growing.

Global software provider ActivePort (ASX:ATV) has just kicked off a new agreement to deliver its software for the first time into the Indian market with client Lightstorm Telecom, India’s sole, carrier-neutral network infrastructure platform.

ActivePort is set to deliver its Management and  Orchestration (MANO) software to help Lightstorm build its utility-grade fibre network called SmartNet, which connects all of the major economic hubs in India via 45+ data centres.

The deployment of the MANO software will add real-time provisioning and customer self-service to the SmartNet network, giving Lightstorm a significant advantage in the telecommunications market.

Expected total value of the project is estimated to exceed $1 million.

Lightstorm CEO Amajit Gupta says that ActivePort is the only company offering an all-in-one solution that supports its vision of a carrier-neutral and vendor agnostic network.

“Lightstorm has taken everything about networking infrastructure from fibre, network and architecture, and completely re-engineered it to serve a world powered by Cloud and digital experience,” Gupta said.

“This requires 100 percent uptime, the shortest latency, and control in the hands of the customer.

“ActivePort’s orchestration management and single-pane-of-view portal helps us realise our vision of building a software-defined automated network that allows world-class customer self-service for our network and cloud services,” he added.


World’s second largest telecommunications market

Instead of lining up multiple software and networking providers, Lightstorm will use ActivePort’s solution to orchestrate multiple technology platforms and integrate Nokia Core switches.

This will be done by overlaying a Juniper Software Defined Network (SDN) with ActivePort’s SD-WAN 2.0 at the customer edge.

By adopting ActivePort’s MANO software, Lightstorm will be able to deliver customer services, reduce operational costs and complexity as they deliver India’s first cloud connectivity infrastructure.

“With Lightstorm, we are helping build the new generation of global networking capability in the world’s second largest telecommunications market of over 1.18 billion subscribers and growing,” says ActivePort CEO, Karim Nejaim.

“ActivePort’s software platform was built for the telecommunications industry, providing self service solutions that reduce operational costs, drive efficiency, and provide world-class edge-to-Cloud network capability.”

Lightstorm itself is India’s only carrier-neutral network infrastructure platform, built to accelerate business growth and innovation in the digital world.

Its first-of-its-kind utility-grade fibre network, SmartNet, connects the major economic hubs in India via those 45+ multi-tenanted data centres.

Lightstorm’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform opens up opportunities for enterprises by providing a simple, secure and smart way to enhance their application performance and user experience.

“We are proud that Lightstorm has chosen ActivePort, and excited to be working with an innovative network operator in such a dynamic market,” Nejaim said.


New release update

ActivePort has also announced the latest release of ActivePortal, an operating system that has proven itself to be the next generation in NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) technology for the telco and IT industry.

Called ActivePort OS (AcPOS), the new release is a device-based software offering that has been added to the premier ActivePortal Orchestration system.

According to the latest data by Meticulous Research, the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Market will be worth $122 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 34.9%.

With AcPOS software running on SD-WAN uCPE devices, customers can now run all the virtual network functions they need, making it easy to deploy and manage virtual network functions (VNFs) on uCPE.

Additionally, what makes AcPOS so different to other NFV software vendors is that it layers on-top of the ActivePort SD-WAN software. This provides a totally integrated solution when coupled with ActivePortal providing a single pane of glass of all uCPE services functions.

“We noticed an increasing demand for the ability to add SASE services to our growing SD-WAN customer base,” said ActivePort CTO, Mark Middleton.

“When using AcPOS, customers can now install an Enterprise firewall offering for complete coverage”, he added.


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