Getting a certified physical 3D version of your NFTs just got a lot simpler with 333D completing development of the world’s first 3D printing smart contract.

The ‘NFTY Print’ smart contract is embedded with 3D printing protocols and allows NFT creators to order professionally printed 3D products based on their NFT collections directly from the company.

Procurement of 3D prints is done entirely on the blockchain, which ensures that the original design files are inaccessible outside its process.

333D (ASX:T3D) developed the NFTY Print smart contract to inspire the creation of more 3D NFTs and drive an increase in the sale of 3D printed NFT related content for itself.

This contract will be showcased at the NFT NYC 4th Annual NFT Industry Event on 20-23 June 2022 in New York.

As part of this 3D printing push, the company has also completed its online rebranding promoting its “Mint it, Print it” positioning which offers the minting of NFTs that come bundled with a 3D-print of the underlying digital property.

The offering leverage 333D’s existing strength as a bespoke 3D printing and technology licensing service.




This article was developed in collaboration with 333D, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.


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