Stockhead’s Ashtyn Hiron sits down with Neurotech International (ASX:NTI) executive director Dr Thomas Duthy to close the books on 2023 and gain a sneak peek into what’s around the corner.

2023 was a year of significant progress for Neurotech International.

“We were very active in the deployment of a $9 million capital raising we completed in Q4 of 2022 and we moved our key asset – NTI164 – from pre-clinical to clinical trials in 2023 and were pleased to report on two clinical trials,” Duthy says.

“The first of these was in autism spectrum disorder, which was a 52-week data set on 11 children who were administered daily treatment of NTI164.

“These children showed a profound improvement in their clinical systems, and it wasn’t to the detriment of safety – the intervention was very safe and very well tolerated.”

Tune in to hear what’s coming up for Neurotech International in 2024.