Stockhead’s Sarah Hughan sits down with Ark Mines (ASX:AHK) executive chairman Roger Jackson to close the books on 2023 and gain a sneak peek into what’s around the corner.

Jackson says one of the major highlights of the year was the Sandy Mitchell acquisition in north Queensland and the completion of three drilling programs at the site.

“Sandy Mitchell is the only sand deposit that is rare earths from surface, and as far as we know there are no other projects like it on the ASX,” he says.

“The sand is amenable to beneficiation by gravity, which makes it incredibly unique. It’s not a clay deposit or a hard rock deposit, just purely sand with grains of rare earths amongst it.

“There are so many practical things which make the project simple, there’s no drill and blast – you simply dig it up, and there’s no overburden.”

Tune in to hear what’s coming up for Ark Mines in 2024.