V-Con is Stockhead’s investing focused video conference series, bringing you expert insights, panel discussions and presentations from leading analysts, listed small caps and industry players.

This latest video conference focuses on the lucrative rare earths market.

Several catalysts are emerging that are combining to make the perfect storm for rare earths players.

One key driver is recent moves in the US and Europe to make multi-trillion-dollar investments in ‘green’ infrastructure. This is expected to drive demand for rare earths even further north.

Europe is laser focused on accelerating the take-up of electric vehicles, while the US is madly scrambling to shore up its own supply of rare earths in the face of ongoing US-China trade tensions.

In our latest V-Con we hear from one Roskill expert on the catalysts for rising rare earths demand, the end-use applications, increasing collaboration in the rare earths supply chain, and more.

We also hear from a handful of listed juniors making waves in the sector, each giving an overview of their activities, discoveries and future plans.

Session 1 – Expert Interview

Corporate analyst and host Peter Strachan chats with David Merriman, Manager of Roskill’s Battery & Electric Vehicle Materials division.

David has managed Roskill’s world-leading Battery & Electric Vehicle Materials division since 2018, which encompasses Roskill’s analysis on the lithium, lithium-ion battery, cobalt, rare earths and electric vehicle markets.

An expert on the market, David has presented on the rare earth elements and lithium markets at various conferences in Europe, Asia and North America.

Session 2 – Company Presentations

Arafura Resources Ltd (ASX:ARU)
Richard Brescianini, General Manager Exploration & Business Development

Arafura is developing the Nolans NdPr project in Australia targeting production to meet surging demand for rare earth permanent magnets in the green economy, including e-mobility and wind energy.

Pensana Rare Earths Plc (ASX:PM8)
Paul Atherley, Chairman

With Presidential approval and Sovereign Wealth Fund backing LSE listed Pensana is bringing online the first major Rare Earth mine in over a decade to meet the burgeoning demand from EVs and Offshore Wind Turbines. 

Ionic Rare Earths (ASX:IXR)
Tim Harrison, CEO

Ionic is developing the Makuutu Rare Earths Project to be a globally significant producer of the both Heavy Rare Earths Oxides and Critical Rare Earth Oxides, providing a viable large scale, low cost alternative supply chain outside of China.

RareX Ltd (ASX:Ree)
Jeremy Robinson, Executive Director

RareX is a rare earths company focusing on developing the Cummins Range Project in Western Australia which it acquired in September 2019.