TechTalk is Stockhead’s video series featuring a roundtable of industry experts discussing a new investing topic each week. In this edition, technology analyst and host Tim Knapton discusses the disruption, decline and rebirth of digital advertising.

Populating the TechTalk expert panel this week is Mike Connaghan, managing director of commercial content at News Corporation Australia, with Aden Hepburn, founder and CEO of brand new digital solutions house Akcelo, and Evan Cunningham Dunlop, founder of Perth-based digital agency Living Online.

The group discusses a range of topics, including how traditional brand advertising is performing, in what ways major agency conglomerates will need to evolve, what Akcelo offers in the space, where the digital advertising hotspots are, Living Online’s advertising tech offering, what technologies are driving the greatest change and much more.

So tune in above to hear the discussion.