RockTalk is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new macro topic each week. In this episode, host Peter Strachan takes a closer look at the gold sector, the commodity’s bullish run, eye catching juniors and price predictions for 2021.

Populating the expert panel for this discussion is John Deniz, chief investment officer at Paragon Funds Management, Rob Longley, MD and CEO of Ardiden (ASX:ADV) and Robert Bills, MD and CEO of Emmerson Resources (ASX:ERM).

The group discusses a range of topics, including the continued bullish outlook for gold, performance predictions for 2021, how the current run compares to the 2011-12 rally, why Australia is in the gold exploration spotlight, how the US presidential election outcome will impact the commodity and much more.

So tune in above to hear the panel discuss all things gold.