On the Bid is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week.

In this edition, host Oriel Morrison discusses dermatology innovations on the path towards resolving acne around the world, treatments for common skin diseases and infections, and the use of probiotics as a means for preventing skin conditions through the management of the immune system by the gut.

On the expert panel this week is Vince Ippolito, president and executive chairman of Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) and Blair Norfolk, managing director of Biome Australia (ASX:BIO).

Ippolito is a leading pharmaceutical expert who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, including more than 20 years in dermatology. Based in Phoenix in the US, where Botanix is building its commercial operations functions.

Blair Norfolk is the founder of Biome Australia, with 10 years’ health industry experience, developing Biome and its brands from concept to commercialisation.

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