RockTalk is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new macro topic each week.  

In this episode Peter Strachan discusses the highly active nickel sulphide business in Australia.

Populating the expert panel for this discussion are Tom Reddicliffe, executive director at Errawarra Resources (ASX:ERW) and Adrian Black, principal geologist and director at Newexco.

Errawarra is an exploration company with a suite of assets prospective for nickel, gold and nickel-copper in well-known mineral fields in Western Australia. The company’s nickel hunt at its Andover West project in the West Pilbara has recently kicked off .

Newexco are an independent specialist consulting and contracting group, offering exploration and targeting services to the mineral exploration industry.

The group discuss a range of topics including how to determine strong mineralisation regions, Errawarra’s drilling operations for 2022 and into 2023 and much more!