AdAlta has discovered an i-body believed to be the first of its kind capable of inhibition of malaria parasite invasion.

Stockhead’s Ashtyn Hiron sits down with AdAlta (ASX:1AD) managing director and CEO Tim Oldham to get the short end of the long story on the company’s latest announcement.

Through its collaboration with La Trobe University, AdAlta’s research has led to the discovery of a new family of i-bodies capable of inhibiting the invasion of red blood cells and liver cells by multiple strains of the malaria parasite.

This is a world-first outcome, representing the first high potency antibody-like molecule capable of such pan-strain (multi-strain) efficacy.

Tune in to hear AdAlta’s Tim Oldham discuss the discovery, what this means for the company and where to from here for the clinical stage drug development stock.