On the Bid is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week.

In this edition, host Oriel Morrison discusses multiple large scale cyber breaches recently experienced here in Australia. How worried should we be?

In this episode Oriel chats to Andrew Wilson, CEO of Senetas (ASX:SEN) and Daniel Lai, CEO of Archtis (ASX:AR9).

ArchTIS is an award winning, global technology company focused on protecting sensitive information. Working with Government and Defence, the company has developed industry-leading information security platforms for sharing and collaborating on sensitive or classified information.

Senetas is a global leader in cybersecurity; trusted to protect commercial, government, defence and critical infrastructure data in over 40 countries. 

The panel discuss a range of topics including why we are seeing more large scale security breaches, what we can do to combat cyber attacks, looking after victims of cyber attacks and more.

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